A general purpose platform or “Enterprise UC Cloud” providing powerful and unique functionality.

Today CRI’s Application Center can serve your Avaya UC needs which includes Avaya one-X, Aura Conferencing and Messaging applications. CRI AC can also support 3rd party applications on this powerful platform without having to provide dedicated servers. All of these applications can be mixed and matched based on the customer needs so there is no “standard” package. Even impressive features like fault tolerance can be selected on an application by application basis while residing on the same CRI AC.

  • Provides a “Private Cloud” computing environment for the Avaya UC Application Suite & related 3rd party applications
  • Preserves all active communications, including voice,video & data in a Fault Tolerant (FT) environment.
  • Experience seamless server failovers, application migration & upgrades with zero downtime
  • Dramatically reduce costs & increase functionality compared to traditional (N+1) solutions
  • Stackable architecture for increased capacity & functionality
  • Fully supports Disaster Recovery(DR) configurations
  • Ability to add “utility” servers in the stack for beta testing and/or upgrades before migrating to production environment
  • Reduces customer’s licensing requirements by 50% over traditional (N+1) solutions
  • Highly reliable storage technology

Next Steps

CRI Application Center Product Overview

CRI’s Application Center creates a “Private UC Cloud” for your enterprise with greater functionality and reliability while lowering costs over traditional deployment. Application Center enables faster and easier deployment of real time communications capabilities such as voice, video, messaging, and presence. As a result, productivity and business agility can be increased. The flexibility within this architecture is tremendous, depending on the customer’s needs full redundancy, fault tolerance and disaster recovery are available options. Aimed at enhancing operations, virtualization serves as a means for consolidation of IT resources and is a critical strategy in infrastructure consolidation.

CRI Application Center. Endless Possibilities – Limitless Capabilities.

Data Center Architecture

Data Center architecture for deploying Enterprise/Private cloud applications

  • 2 Host Servers – Memory and CPU resources
  • Common Storage – SAN
  • Dedicated Data Switch – (Redundancy optional)
  • Virtual machines – VMware Enterprise Plus
Application Support

What applications are currently supported on CRI Application Center?

  • Meeting Exchange Enterprise rel 5.2 up to 4000 ports
  • Avaya ACE rel 2.3.2 up to 5000 users
  • CRI Application Center Roadmap includes all Avaya Aura applications

*Tested with contract approval in progress:

  • Modular messaging 5.2
  • Avaya one-X
  • Session Manager
  • Presence Services
Key Business Drivers

What are the Key Customer Business Drivers and Features?

  • VMware is a part of your Enterprise strategy
  • Disaster Recovery site requirements or future plans for DR
    • No need to buy additional DR licenses
    • Flexible with CPE or potentially hosted infrastructure
  • UC applications that are mission critical to your business needs
    • Fault Tolerant, Call preserving state-full failover capability
  • Zero downtime upgrade capability using snapshots and vMotion
  • Virtual LAB environment for testing
  • Stackable architecture for increased capacity, flexibility, and functionality
  • 3rd party application integration without need for additional standalone servers
    • Examples: Mutare, Starfish, Redsky, etc…
  • Built in Managed Services Offer option
    • Application monitoring
    • Change management
  • Paul – I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the support you’ve given us with the issues we’ve had in Pittsburgh and Twinsburg lately. And now Columbus!   I just want to say that you went above and beyond in doing all you could to try and get our calls transferring off net to the credit card processing center. Though it was to no avail, between the 4 of us I believe we attempted every avenue.

    Nancy Dice
    Nancy Dice Quest Diagnostics
  • Thank you all for your superb teamwork during the London Cutover this last weekend! The largest cutover went as smoothly as we could hope thanks to all your efforts. I spoke to Paul Cushing, Project Manager, this morning and kudos were being extended on Monday for CRI’s superb onsite and remote teamwork to make the cutover a success. Collective pat on the back for a job well done!

  • Tanny, Thanks for your help, getting us the software was huge.

    Joseph McGlyn-Astoria
    Joseph McGlyn-Astoria Federal Savings
  • Kevin Marley was a key player in my project with Bank of New York, weekend before last. I must say what a pleasure it was to work with Kevin on the AES provisioning. Painless is the word that comes to mind. Kevin showed professionalism, flexibility, and a human touch (spoke of his daughter's birthday party - this was appreciated by all). I can testify to the customer's high level of satisfaction as well. Please pass along my thanks to Kevin for a job well done!

  • Joe: Thanks for everything tonight, you are a ROCK STAR!

  • Samy really went the extra mile for this project. This is the first exposure we have had with our new BP Walkercom and Samy has given them a great first impression. A round of applause to Samy.

  • Having used a Spectel CS780 for more than several years, we were tasked with refreshing our Conference bridge hardware and upgrading the Avaya Meeting Exchange software. Some CORE requirements identified where Full Hardware Resiliency with Call Preservation post failure, Network and Trunking Connectivity Resiliency and Software Upgrade Protection. With these CORE requirements in mind, we quickly realized that the standard HA Avaya Meeting Exchange Offering was not going to suffice so we engaged our Partner, CRI. who presented the CRI Application Center Solution. After many months of planning. coordinating, and a full DEMO at the CRI Labs, we were convinced that this solution was the way to go, fully knowing that we would be the very first customers to deploy this environment to production. The CRI Application Center to date has met all of our CORE requirements as well as yielding superb application performance and conference call processing quality. Since going live almost a year ago, we have had numerous computer room partial power failures, two SAN hard disk failures and one CORE Network switch failure and not once has our Conference Bridge Application been out of service providing what we in the Enterprise Telecom World would refer to as True Five-9s Reliability and Service. The CRI App Center has also provided an environment where through virtualization, we can upgrade the Conferencing Software Components by pre-staging virtual clones, minimizing overall upgrade downtime and allowing for a very quick “Backout” plan should an upgrade “go south”. We believe that this type of upgrade flexibility protects us from the dreaded in-the-skin upgrade nightmares which we have all at one time or another experienced. We believe in the CRI App Center, we use the CRI App Center and we look forward to expanding other applications into our CRI App Center.

  • Just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Mike Camarata has done supporting the WellPoint Wallingford/ Richmond Core project. This was their first Avaya Aura Messaging installation,  and the first upgrade of MNR3 to R5.1 (to support AAM) with a new Avaya CM6, all IP, first time using SIP trunks with Processor Ethernet Integration, and first time with 10 digit Dial Plan.  So the project has taken a lot of twist and turns, which Mike with his expertise and patience has done an outstanding job supporting this customer. All feedback from the customer has been very positive. They now understand that CRI is the best option going forward to supply all of their messaging installation requirements. We are now ONLY using CRI to price messaging for them. They were delighted to experience the quality of support they received from CRI. It also makes our job at NACR so much easier to have excellent partners working with us who can be flexible as often required when working with a client of this complexity. Thanks again Barbara Hoeft National Account Manager

    Barbara Hoeft NACR
  • I would like to once again commend CRI for its continued support of Oshkosh Corporation.  I had the pleasure of dealing with Mike Cammarata for the first time a few weeks ago (10/22/08) on a all-night outage of one of my MAS’s.  I called the 24hr support number for emergency services, and at 1:05am, (6 minutes from my call) Mike called me and we began troubleshooting the problem.   Avaya was brought into the mix after a deep investigation, and Mike never left the call, and took command of Avaya, and referred to me for any decision’s that needed to be made on the Companies behalf.   Mike listened to my preferences, and we made necessary adaptations in stride. The following day, Mike C continued his support with monitoring and recommendations.  We had to re-load the MAS,.   After the Avaya tech’s completed the re-load of MAS2 (10/28/08),   I asked Mike C to please review the complete rebuild so I could have that secure feeling moving forward. Mike noticed a couple things that needed to be changed on our behalf, and on 10/29/08, MAS2 went back into production after a very exhausting testing platform was performed.  No trouble tickets were received by our Help Desk the following day!!! You may consider this kind of support, “part of the job”, but in my world, it is a comforting feeling knowing the CRI is behind me for anything that may arise in my MM arena.

    Brad LaCount Oshkosh Corporation
  • Mike Cammarata worked relentlessly troubleshooting and isolating the problem correcting S/W protocol and layer 1 mismatch demonstrating a joint team effort until the issue was resolved. many thanks.