Assess your current system, discuss your goals, explore the latest technology- Build your Dream

Our 5 Star Full Service white glove consulting practice will review your existing infrastructure, plan your project, prepare your site, stage your equipment and seamlessly install your new technology, with minimal disruption to your business. Based on your needs and all with no hassle to you!

5 Star Full Service Includes:

  • Industry-leading project management
  • Support for equipment from CRI and other vendors
  • 24×7 installation scheduling
  • Comprehensive site evaluation and preparation
  • Staging at state-of-the-art facility
  • Installations, moves, adds and changes
  • Hassle-free de-installation
  • Team of VMware Virtualization experts focused on your installation

Quality configuration, seamless deployment, complete customer satisfaction.

CRI Staging as a Service alleviates the stress and hassle of staging and ensures that your solution will arrive ready to go without interruption to your business. CRI StaaS provides you with professionals who meet your needs by offering the full range of options

  1. A Single Server
  2. An Application Suite
  3. Fully Integrated Stack

By utilizing the professional virtualization experts at CRI your logistical nightmares disappear.

Benefits to our Customers

  • Customer resources can focus on other core business efforts
  • Lower support costs by utilizing the skills of our experienced provisioning and staging specialists
  • Less potential for errors in the provisioning or staging tasks
  • Testing will be performed to pre-check hardware and software
  • Equipment ships ready to operate
  • Increased customer satisfaction

CRI Staging as a Service eliminates the obstacles:

  • Only a technician onsite needed to rack and stack, no smart hands
  • All software comes pre-loaded
  • In most cases, software comes 100% configured
  • Ability to diagnose any hardware/bios issues with a trained technician
  • Ability to install multiple applications at once

Full Deployment Services Include:

  • Project Management

    End-to-end project management with a certified single point of contact

  • Site Assessment

    Site survey and site inventory

  • Site Preparation

    Site readiness preparation

  • Equipment Staging

    State-of-the-art global staging facilities to assemble, configure and test equipment

  • Equipment Installation/De-Installation

    Moves/Adds/Changes - Installation execution with excellence

a customer-centric approach in customer service.

“CRI’s Mission is to establish and retain a successful relationship with our customers and our suppliers. We constantly strive to meet or exceed our customer needs and expectations of price, service, and selection. We stay ahead of the competition by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our customers and market demand. Our main value is that we are dependable, skilled and available 24/7.” Stephen DeFelice ∙ CRI Customer Service & Project Manager

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