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Our mission is: * To deliver to the market innovative solutions ahead of our competitors * To perform for our customers the highest level of quality professional services at fair and market competitive prices. * To ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes. * To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

CRI is the premier VMware Virtual Solutions and Unified Communications specialist, providing Real Time Innovative Solutions. Established in 1990, CRI has a wealth of experience in the messaging industry and has grown to become The Premier Professional Services Company for Unified Communications. CRI is also the Industry leader in Virtualizing UC.

CRI’s cornerstone is that we innovate in real time reflecting on market needs and customer demands. Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different rather than doing the same thing better. For over 25 years we have focused on the application side of communications providing cutting edge solutions to our customers while offering exemplary service and unmatched results. CRI is an Avaya Partner, a systems integrator, a Gold Dev-Connect partner for Avaya and partners with IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Citrix, and is a certified VMware Solution Provider.

“Aptitudes are assumed, they should become accomplishments. That is the purpose of all education.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


  • Applications Enablement Services(AES)
  • Aura Conferencing Standard Edition
  • Avaya Aura
  • Avaya Aura Messaging
  • Avaya Aura Conferencing 8
  • Avaya Aura Communications Manager Mid-Market
  • Avaya CTI Applications
  • Avaya Interaction
  • Avaya IQ, Meeting Exchange Express
  • Avaya Unified Communication Center
  • Avaya Unified Messaging MIM since origination
  • Center and Operational Analyst
  • Certified Aria 250/350 Messaging Servers
  • Certified MCSE’s
  • Certified Octel Designer IVR Applications
  • Certified Serenade 200/300 Messaging Servers
  • Communication Manager Branch
  • Communication Manager Enterprise
  • Customer Interaction Express
  • Esna Officelinx
  • Engage Development Platform
  • Equinox Conferencing
  • Fenestrae Fax Servers
  • IBM Business Partner
  • Meeting Exchange Enterprise
  • Meeting Exchange Express
  • Message Networking
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Solutions Provider since 1996
  • MOC – LCS / OCS
  • Modular Messaging: IBM Lotus Domino Msg Store
  • Modular Messaging: Microsoft Exchange Messaging Store
  • One-X CES
  • One-X Speech
  • One-X Mobile
  • One-X Portal
  • One-X Speech
  • Optus FACSys Fax Servers
  • Pod Fx
  • Session Initiation Protocol(SIP)
  • Session/System Manager and Agile Communication Environment. (ACE)
  • VMware Enterprise Solution Provider certified
  • Paul – I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the support you’ve given us with the issues we’ve had in Pittsburgh and Twinsburg lately. And now Columbus!   I just want to say that you went above and beyond in doing all you could to try and get our calls transferring off net to the credit card processing center. Though it was to no avail, between the 4 of us I believe we attempted every avenue.

    Nancy Dice
    Nancy Dice Quest Diagnostics
  • Thank you all for your superb teamwork during the London Cutover this last weekend! The largest cutover went as smoothly as we could hope thanks to all your efforts. I spoke to Paul Cushing, Project Manager, this morning and kudos were being extended on Monday for CRI’s superb onsite and remote teamwork to make the cutover a success. Collective pat on the back for a job well done!

  • Tanny, Thanks for your help, getting us the software was huge.

    Joseph McGlyn-Astoria
    Joseph McGlyn-Astoria Federal Savings
  • Kevin Marley was a key player in my project with Bank of New York, weekend before last. I must say what a pleasure it was to work with Kevin on the AES provisioning. Painless is the word that comes to mind. Kevin showed professionalism, flexibility, and a human touch (spoke of his daughter's birthday party - this was appreciated by all). I can testify to the customer's high level of satisfaction as well. Please pass along my thanks to Kevin for a job well done!

  • Samy really went the extra mile for this project. This is the first exposure we have had with our new BP Walkercom and Samy has given them a great first impression. A round of applause to Samy.

  • Joe: Thanks for everything tonight, you are a ROCK STAR!


CRI Strengths


Innovation is what separates CRI from every other professional services company in the Virtualization, UC and Messaging space. We begin with accessing your needs in order to provide a solution set and solve your integration needs in a way unique to you as a company. CRI has led the charge within the UC industry and has once again outpaced the rest of the pack by becoming VMware solution builders. We have developed integrated server solutions utilizing VMware, enabling our customers to take advantage of their Avaya applications running on VMware, the platform of choice.

Response process

Response process unlike any other. We respond, react, and develop based on what our customers need, not what we think is a good idea. Listening and understanding allows us to clearly define roadmaps within product suites. As businesses change, so do our solutions.

Commitment to Messaging

Commitment to Messaging and UC is what makes CRI so unique. As an Avaya Business Partner we are deeply committed to the Avaya product line and to new cutting edge technology.. Using our toll free 24/7 service dispatch line our nationwide clients are able to speak with certified technicians with years of technical expertise.

System Design

System Design is the foundation for a successful deployment. The first step is for our sales engineers to perform a thorough discovery of what your current environment is. We then move onto the interview as to what new applications you require to keep your business performing at optimal efficiency levels. Once your requirements are defined, we will propose the most suitable solution for your business.

System Integration

System Integration is our specialty. Whether it is coordinating your deployment with other vendors, assisting in the integration process or working with your IT department on UC applications, or Integrating a full VMware solution, CRI is experienced and ready to perform.

System Education

System Education is important in two primary areas: pre-sales and deployment. CRI believes it is important to start educating clients during the sales process. Our largest clients praise our engineers for taking the time to educate them on the products and deployment processes. This direct approach opens the door for structuring how best to provide future knowledge transfers to your System Administrators.

System Management

System Management is all about support. Our certified engineers take great pride in managing and servicing Avaya Systems. We look at your full system to ensure that if virtualization is the next step for you, we will use and reuse any hardware that you may currently have on your premises. Looking at our client list, our proudest achievement is that many of our clients have been with CRI for over 2 decades. Choose CRI and not only will you get great products and intelligent solutions, you will receive outstanding support from the entire CRI team.

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