30 Years of innovation and service

CRI celebrates 30 years of exemplary service as a solution Integrator of Unified Communications and Real Time applications.  Our innovative team approach combines market needs and customer demands resulting in cutting edge solutions.   CRI’s exemplary customer service translates to unparalleled results.  Whether your project involves a migration from hardware-based architecture to Virtual or application migrations, CRI is your partner for that journey. CRI’s primary ecosystem partners with Avaya, VMware and Dell but also embraces integration to countless other provider offerings.

A Timeline of


CRI became an Octel Var
January 1996
Message Integrator (MIM) for Unified Messenger
November 2000
Certified on Avaya Speech Access
December 2002
Certified on Modular Messaging
June 2004
Avaya Enterprise Communications Group (ECG) Authorization
June 2005
Avaya DevConnect System Integrator
January 2006
First Avaya “Messaging” Business Partner to sign for AES, one-X Portal, Mobile
March 2007
Became National Distributor for Voice Mobility’s UCN250
February 2008
Developed IS UC- the 1st single server
July 2009
Celebrated 20 years of Success
May 2010
Developed IS - ACE
September 2011
Won Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner of the Year
June 2012
Developed CRI ASK - Avaya Solution Kit
February 2013
UCloud registered
March 2014
CRI Celebrates 25 years of Serving our Clients
September 1, 2015
Introduced CRI EASE (Enterprise Application Server), which is the next generation of CRI’s IS platform
April 2016
Launched CRI EASE for SBC , propose built for HA deployment in the DMZ
September 2017
Received Aura Alliance “Rising Star of the Year” Award
October 2017
Third Generation of CRI's Application Platform Released
August 2018
October 1990
Microsoft Solution Provider
November 1997
Authorized Dealer of Fenestrae and Facsys Fax Servers
December 2001
Certified on UCC – Speech Access & Web Messaging
April 2003
CRI becomes an IBM Business Partner
January 2005
CRI celebrates 15 years of Serving our Clients
December 2005
Fully Certified on Avaya ACM Design and Implementation
January 2007
First Avaya Business Partner to deploy a one-X Portal application
September 2007
VMware Certification achieved
January 2009
Developed IS Msg andConferencing, both single server virtual solutions, Avaya tested and approved, available worldwide
March 2010
Developed CRI Application Center
January 2011
VMware Enterprise Solution Builder Certification Achieved
January 2012
Selected as an Avaya DevConnect Select Product Program (SPP) participant
December 2012
Announced WIN - Customizeable POC
March 2013
CRI wins the 360° Business Value Award
June 2015
CRI Honored with 2015 Channel Partners Cloudys Innovators Award
Feb 2016
Introduced CRI Enterprise Application (EAC), which is the next generation of CRI’s Application Center
Nov 2016
Fully certified on Avaya POD
October 2017
Conducted first Officelinx “HA” Certified Training for Avaya / Partners
August 2018
First partner fully Equinox Certified

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