Modular Messaging for Microsoft Exchange
The Avaya Modular Messaging for Microsoft Exchange ® application extends the functionality of your existing e-mail messaging system by providing one mailbox for your voice mail, e-mail, and fax messages.

The MM for Exchange application provides a single interface to your voice, e-mail and fax messages. You can retrieve, respond to, and manage all of your communications from a touch-tone telephone, multimedia PC, or Internet connection. You have the power of voice mail at your desktop via Microsoft Outlook and the Avaya™ Voice Form, which allow you to play your voice messages on your PC or through any telephone, and reply with a voice message or with e-mail.

With MM for Exchange, it is easy to send and retrieve messages when you are away from your office. Enhanced notification functionality helps ensure that you can respond quickly to any type of incoming communication – whether you are onsite or remote – enabling you to collaborate with colleagues or serve customers promptly and efficiently. You have the flexibility to reply to a message, regardless of the form in which it was originally created, without having to switch to a different inbox or application. You can retrieve and manage voice messages with e-mail, or e-mail messages by phone. From your phone, e-mail messages can be listened to using text-to-speech conversion, and e-mail messages and attachments can be converted to faxes for printing on a fax machine. The Unified Messenger application makes it easy to stay in touch from any location.

The application connects to most major PBXs and IP PBXs, enabling a full range of dynamic call and messaging options. The system uses an intelligent approach for routing phone calls, voice messages, e-mail messages, and faxes by employing categories that you define: by type, priority, time, and date.

With its scalable and open system architecture, the application is a secure investment. By adding servers as needed, this modular design can grow with your organization to support thousands of users, enterprise-wide. There is no need to upgrade your entire system to gain capacity or capabilities. Leveraging your existing Microsoft Exchange infrastructure eliminates the need to retain and manage separate voice and e-mail systems, greatly reducing total cost of ownership. This application provides a single mailbox for each user, which allows for a simple, single point of administration. It delivers a host of features and benefits while making the system easy for the administrator to manage and operate. It reduces costs by using centralized management tools that combine the administrative interface for voice and e-mail. As employees move, or as needs change, updates to the directory are automatically replicated to all systems, so changes need to be made only once for voice and e-mail.