CRI has always been the standard by which all beta sites are measured. I wanted to share the fact that when you participate in the Communicator 3.0 beta this year you will probably see many of the “suggestions” provided from your staff within the new client. CRI was immensely influential in the iPhone 2.1 beta which has resulted in incredible adoption of the 2.1 client industry wide. It is with great pleasure I accept CRI as my lead beta for the Communicator 3.0 program. We look forward to the transparent value add input your teams bring to the Avaya development table. For me personally working with your engineers is an experience unmatched by any other site and I truly look forward to this beta.

Best, Kirk


I also wanted to say thanks for all of your work on our MM upgrade. This was probably one of the smoothest upgrades we have done here at DK. Your time and efforts are really appreciated.
Jody Owens | IT Project Manager



Many thanks for your assistance with the MM system in our new Sao Paulo office over the last several days. We greatly appreciate your time and expertise and especially that you made time for us late at night and with no notice. You guys are outstanding!

Again, thank you!

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your making DDR so painless.

Thank you!!


Christine O’Keefe
Project Specialist II

Today I heard from the Assist Tel-com PM on the Atel MM upgrade you did and he raved about what a great job you did and that the customer loves you!  This was Assist Tel-Com’s first experience with CRI and now I am getting several pricing requests from them. Thanks for giving them such a great first impression!

-I just wanted to convey my appreciation on how helpful you have been with not only the implementation of Voice Mobility, but also the Octel systems. Warrenhas been great in getting not only BGH but figuring out the issues with DeGraff and coming up with appropriate solutions. Should you require a reference, please feel free to contact me-Network Architect-Peter Messinger

-Just a quick note to say thanks for the trouble free upgrade in Menlo Parkthis past weekend.  We appreciate your extra efforts in the extra preparation that made this as smooth as it was. Everything went as planned, we met our time limits, and interruption to our users was absolutely minimal. Again, many thanks- Information Systems Manager NYC

Thank you so much for all of the hard work.  We are here at the LA Cutover’s First Day of Business today and it is all quiet on the western front.  All of the feedback from the customer’s vantage point continues to be very positive!  Thanks EVEYRONE for your dedication to this client’s successful Avaya cutover(s)! Account Manager-Partner

Thank you very much for your time Saturday 11/22 for your unconditional support for the  Octel system and efforts to obtain the technical expertise to troubleshoot the inconsistencies.

Thanks to a great team effort, MM hardware and software has been installed for the County. Of course, we still have a ways to go but this was a great beginning. Thank you all for a job well done.

Valerie Preston -Project Manager

I also wanted to say thanks for all of your work on our MM upgrade.  This was probably one of the smoothest upgrades we have done here at DK.  Your time and efforts are really appreciated.

Thanks again.-Jody Owens | IT Project Manager |

Mike, I want to thank you for the support in getting the Weight Watchers Modular Messaging upgrade project completed. I wanted to express my appreciation for the work that was done and especially thank Tanny, who put in a lot of time and was very knowledgeable on the Avaya product and process requirements to successfully complete this project.  Please share this email with any of Tanny’s managers within your organization.

Thank you.


NIH Conversion 1 was flawlessly done…

I would like to extend commendations from HHS (Don and Brad) and me for all of the outstanding work that took place for the extremely successful NIH VM conversion this past weekend.  They acknowledge the sacrifice of having to work extra hours during the week and on weekends to ensure the conversion was completed (ahead of time).  You truly show your dedication and willingness to “plow through” the issues to get the job done!

Thank you on behalf of HHS, your assistance is GREATLY appreciated.

Melanie and Dan – please share this with your teams.

Regards-Mary Spencer-Bailey-Verizon Business-Program/Project Management