I wanted to take a minute and let your manager and Laura know what a great job you did on our recent Private Cloud Project.  We had so many obstacles on this project, and we had every senior manager in our company looking over our shoulder.  You did an outstanding job of being flexible and staying positive during all of the challenges, and I really appreciated that I could count on you.    Access and security were painful, but you worked with our team to get what you needed and gave me the comfort that you were completely ready on the AAM side.  I really enjoyed working with you.  The Project was a very large Managed Service deal, and I could not have asked for a better partner!

Thank you so very much, truly!  I will look forward to working with you again soon.  All the best-Partner


What I really love about CRI is not only do you have top notch engineers….if something does go sideways… you don’t leave us hanging. You just stick with it to the end. I am a fan for life.- Customer

CRI has provided highly ethical, knowledgeable, professional support to Avaya Business Partners for the past 13 years I have worked at Avaya. It has always been a pleasure dealing with all of the CRI staff. It would be a pleasure to help CRI in any way possible!-John Aherns

Just want to say thanks for really stepping up yesterday under short notice and getting the  ESI configuration totally racked up and on the network, etc… I know it is a lot more than just putting servers up on the rack…  Learning the new staging system with Walt & Jason is great.  Jason told me this morning everything is perfect and he got working the job immediately. –Partner


Although I wouldn’t describe  our customer unreasonable or even challenging purse, they haven’t been the easiest to work with regarding schedules.  Jason has been nothing but accommodating to make the AC7 installation a success.  The initial kick-off included an out of box failure, yet Jason was still able to manage the project to meet the demands of the customer. I have participated enough in this process to know, that I would not hesitate to have Jason lead and/or be part of my team for any future activities. We’re not done yet but it’s been a pleasure to with him.  Jason is very professional and gets the job done!    Partner

Just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Mike Camarata has done supporting the WellPoint Wallingford/ Richmond Core project. This was their first Avaya Aura Messaging installation,  and the first upgrade of MNR3 to R5.1 (to support AAM) with a new Avaya CM6, all IP, first time using SIP trunks with Processor Ethernet Integration, and first time with 10 digit Dial Plan.  So the project has taken a lot of twist and turns, which Mike with his expertise and patience has done an outstanding job supporting this customer. All feedback from the customer has been very positive. They now understand that CRI is the best option going forward to supply all of their messaging installation requirements. We are now ONLY using CRI to price messaging for them. They were delighted to experience the quality of support they received from CRI> It also makes our job at NACR so much easier to have excellent partners working with us who can be flexible as often required when working with a client of this complexity.

Thanks again

Barbara Hoeft National Account Manager

I would like to once again commend CRI for its continued support of Oshkosh Corporation.  I had the pleasure of dealing with Mike Cammarata for the first time a few weeks ago (10/22/08) on a all-night outage of one of my MAS’s.  I called the 24hr support number for emergency services, and at 1:05am, (6 minutes from my call) Mike called me and we began troubleshooting the problem.   Avaya was brought into the mix after a deep investigation, and Mike never left the call, and took command of Avaya, and referred to me for any decision’s that needed to be made on the Companies behalf.   Mike listened to my preferences, and we made necessary adaptations in stride. The following day, Mike C continued his support with monitoring and recommendations.  We had to re-load the MAS,.   After the Avaya tech’s completed the re-load of MAS2 (10/28/08),   I asked Mike C to please review the complete rebuild so I could have that secure feeling moving forward. Mike noticed a couple things that needed to be changed on our behalf, and on 10/29/08, MAS2 went back into production after a very exhausting testing platform was performed.  No trouble tickets were received by our Help Desk the following day!!! You may consider this kind of support, “part of the job”, but in my world, it is a comforting feeling knowing the CRI is behind me for anything that may arise in my MM arena.

Thanks again, and please make sure Mike gets this after you have finished
with this email.- Brad LaCount Senior Technical Analyst

 Mike Cammarata worked relentlessly troubleshooting and isolating the problem correcting S/W protocol and layer 1 mismatch demonstrating a joint team effort until the issue was resolved. many thanks.

Paul – I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the support you’ve given us with the issues we’ve had in Pittsburgh and Twinsburg lately. And now Columbus!   I just want to say that you went above and beyond in doing all you could to try and get our calls transferring off net to the credit card processing center. Though it was to no avail, between the 4 of us I believe we attempted every avenue.

Thanks again, Nancy Dice
Systems Engineer Associate
Quest Diagnostics

We just got finished with the conference call with NPD Group and I needed to send this note before I left for the day…I am still in awe with the skills of Dave LaBarba and Carolyn Scott. Their professionalism, knowledge, planning, and customer skills not only for the new Modular Messaging Implementation, but with the customers’ existing OCTEL showed the contact at the NPD Group that they made the right decision. It was astonishing.

Thanks, Don Kolman -Senior Project Manager-Juma Technology

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to pass on compliments….
Samy and I worked on a case this a.m. and I’m very happy with how she handled the process of testing.   She is very organized and very logical as well as just plain pleasant.  Most importantly, she is on the ball..  I’ll be glad to work with her in the future as well.     For what it’s worth, in my opinion, CRI has just added another valuable member to their existing top notch team.   Thank You!
Enjoy this beautiful day 🙂
Karen Mooney
HSB Telecom Analyst

Just wanted to let you know… I left Gil a message, but I was impressed with Tanny.. Liked his style, he was thorough and personable.  Another good fit for CRI.. And he gets brownie points in my book.. he answered the phone in the computer room… No tech ever does that… I forgot his number, but knew the number where he was sitting.. Thanks
Karen Mooney-HSB Telecom Analyst

Paul and Laura:  I am not sure who to direct this email to, so I am sending it along to you both regarding John Labagnara.  He completed a very difficult Upgrade on MM from 3.1 to 5.2 for Raytheon Portsmouth last Friday.  The Upgrade took all of 12 hours starting at 6PM until 6AM , and I just wanted to commend John for his diligence and “can do” attitude.  The initial upgrade to 5.2 failed, so John had to go back to MM 3.1, Upgrade to 5.1 and then Upgrade to 5.2.  It was awful, but he stuck with it and completed to our customer’s satisfaction; which is no easy task.


GCI was very happy with your training and had great things to say about you.  I understand from Ted that you are even providing them with some follow up documentation.  Thanks!

P.S.  I’d like to share GCI (and NACR’s) positive feedback with the appropriate folks at CRI.  To whom in your organization should we direct that feedback.

Thank you!-Lance D. Ramsay-Avaya ACACN, Cisco CSE

Hi Scott

I wanted to thank you and Ben in particular, and also Kevin for jumping in to assist with the Grant Thornton’s OCS /AES problem.  The boys worked together with Avaya to get this resolved, and it took only a couple of days. Bell had been working on this for a couple of months prior to Unity/CRI being engaged. I think it was Ben’s ability to validate the certificates on your lab system that really helped them narrow down and fix the root cause.

Really appreciate your fast response and the great people in your organization who helped solve this one. At some point it would be great to have your team’s perspective and a summary of what they and others found during the trouble shooting.

Thank you so very much Ben and Team for all your amazing work to get this resolved!!!

You folks are world class and as we get Grant Thornton officially under our Unity brand, we look forward to working with you moving forward on this project over the course of the next 12-18 months J

Thanks again!

Have a great rest of your day…..

Karen was very impressed with our response and willingness to go the extra mile. She stated to me this morning that our response was “exactly the reason she went with CRI”.

Ben, Kevin – great job… I know you guys had to jump a ton of hoops to get this one going. Already hearing from the acct team and Dan S (NE UC Specialist) on. how important this was Laura, Walt is simply the best. Great attitude, customer focused, very skilled, and trusts the business partner he works with. Makes for a beautiful relationship!! I’ll follow up with Tony and Tom on the support document. Many thanks for your support.
Elaine Starmer, PMP Sr. Project Manager

Thank you both for stepping in so quickly and getting this resolved! Mike: Special thanks to you for going beyond my request and inquiring about the issue and working that through as well. I very much appreciate your efforts! Thank you!!

Leslie Johnson, PMP, Senior Project Manager

Kevin Marley was a key player in my project with Bank of New York, weekend before last. I must say what a pleasure it was to work with Kevin on the AES provisioning. Painless is the word that comes to mind. Kevin showed professionalism, flexibility, and a human touch (spoke of his daughter’s birthday party – this was appreciated by all). I can testify to the customer’s high level of satisfaction as well. Please pass along my thanks to Kevin for a job well done!

Mike, I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how impressed we were with the voice mail training that Kelly Starnes conducted at our home office during the first week of August. Kelly presented 10 sessions that were attended by almost 450 people. While she was very prepared for the first session, she did a fabulous job of adapting her presentation with feedback from the project team and according to questions asked by the trainees. She did a wonderful job of emphasizing key points that were needed to understand our implementation. We implemented the system on August 9 and thanks in a large part to Kelly’s training we have had a small amount of help desk tickets. We would heartily recommend her to conduct additional voice mail training!



Good morning, I had to take some time this morning to write to you about Kevin Marley.  Kevin’s knowledge of the Avaya UC line is amazing.  He is very patient and thorough, a pleasure to work with.  It’s rare that you find an engineer who delivers both excellent customer service and technical expertise.  Kevin is a tremendous asset to CRI.


Neil Proctor, ACSS, APSS, APDS, ACSE Voice & Data Engineer Nashville TAC

Hi Paul,

I am sure you are aware of Jason working with our team here at NACR on a large Pentair project. We had a voice application that wasn’t working on a Pentair site that was to cutover tonight. I really appreciate Jason’s last minute work helping trouble shoot and testing the application for the problems. The application is now up and working. You haven’t any idea how important getting this fixed means to Pentair and myself!!!

Just thought that you would like to know when Jason/CRI does a great job!

Thank you,

Curt Curt Bowen
National Account Manager

I can’t say enough about the technicians that NACR assigned to this project.  Joe did a great job with the MAS and with no issues that he could not work through also no down time. I look forward to working with him in the future.  I know NACR had to work on a difficult time line schedule set by CNM but your team came through again . Thank you

Charles Garcia

Voice Applications Administrator

Lance and Team:  The TMO MM w/Exchange Project cut into service last night with about 25 users.  I believe the remaining 4600 will be added in a week.  Joe Sabatini did a great job; I don’t think there is another engineer who could have worked this project with T-Mobile.  He went well beyond normal process with T-Mobile and as the PM, I am especially appreciative! Thanks,

Karen Karen Hoganson, PMP Senior Project Manager

Great Job!

It was almost fruitless and you stuck it out, figured it out and finished it.  Perfect execution

On our Go-Live follow-up call yesterday afternoon we went through this with Mike Cammarata and we all heard the zero out fail with an error “invalid extension”. Mike worked his magic and resolved this problem for us while we all waiting on the phone. I’m happy with the current result.

FYI – Special thanks to Mike C for stepping up and resolving a few issues for us yesterday. He went out of his way to ensure we were happy with the final results. In fact, we spent about 2 hours with him on the phone late yesterday working through some basic improvements to the MM system. He’s a good guy.

Vic Lucarelli

Project Manager, Delivery Team

Lastly, as you know, Kevin Marley was a key player in my project with Bank of New York, weekend before last.  I must say what a pleasure it was to work with Kevin on the AES provisioning.  Painless is the word that comes to mind.  Kevin showed professionalism, flexibility, and a human touch (spoke of his daughter’s birthday party – this was appreciated by all).  I can testify to the customer’s high level of satisfaction as well.  Please pass along my thanks to Kevin for a job well done!


Steven D. Smith

NACR, Project Manager


Thanks for everything tonight, you are a ROCK STAR!


Kathy Rouse
National Account Manager

Mike B and C,

Thanks to both of you for your continued efforts on behalf of Union Bank! Here are some notes from the Mercury Court cutover this last weekend: I also want to extend my appreciation to the entire team. Particularly those who where on-site working through all the isssues Friday night and all day Saturday.  I have to especially thank Wendell Reynolds who worked through some items could of easily said that was not part of his tasks. This type of team effort is what has made this cut a success and will carry us through the remainder of this project.

They really liked Sami and would like her again for training if at all possible.


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help in getting our VM system back online before people came back to work next morning.

Mike:  Just wanted to pass along the customer’s appreciation for your training yesterday with them.  Great job as usual….Thank you!


I owe you big time.  Your work this morning with Safelite and your “above and beyond” effort to be accommodating is truly to be commended.  Your expertise is excellent and obvious, but your customer service is beyond words.

This is my first experience with CRI from the sales position (9 years previous as a sales engineer) and I can promise you that based on this I will drive as much business as possible with my clients your way.

-Steve, Your actions and support are that of a true partner! Thank you very much-Senior account Manager- Partner


Even though the implementation took longer than expected, that is a minor detail in the big picture at this point. Samy & Water dedicated themselves to this implementation for more than 2 months; were always willing to help, always available, and always resourceful. I am extremely impressed with their work ethic and the output of this project. It was an absolute pleasure working with Samy & Walter and I am looking forward to work with them again.- Sr. Communication Services Engineer