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Paul Leatherman

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Paul is driven by the quest for the cutting edge. He orchestrates multiple resources and priorities to maintain CRI’s reputation for excellence in innovation and service.

With over 25 years of experience in technologies that are the building blocks of unified communication, Paul is truly a leading technical expert in the field. Skilled in all aspects of shepherding a growing business Paul takes his role as CTO to new levels by not only focusing on what is new within virtualization and real time communications but by delivering tomorrows technology today! This approach is truly the cornerstone to his success.

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Paul is a regular on the speakers circuit and has been invited to speak at many industry events. including, Connect 2001, ExpoComm, Networld +Interop, InAAU, IAMP, INNUA, ACUTA, IAUG, ITPX, UC3 and UC Summit.

Paul is a musician at heart, having left the Midwest in his early 20’s the Southern California lifestyle suits him just fine! Paul likes a little spice in his life and is known for his amazing homemade salsa, earning him the nickname of Chlilman! In his downtime Paul enjoys hiking, playing guitar, completing sodoku puzzles at the beach with his lovely wife and is a caring father to two wonderful young ladies.